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The Inside Track on Curtains And Their Many Different Uses


In this article, we have a look at some of the many ways you can use curtains around the home and which type of curtains are better suited to the different uses. After reading this, you may see curtains in a whole new light! Regulate Sunlight Regulating how much sunlight comes through your windows is probably a curtain’s most common use. Blocking the natural light out of a room can be great for sleeping in or if you are watching T.V, as sunlight reflects off the T.V screen thus obscuring the image. A variety of types of curtains can be used but if you prefer to sleep in total darkness, black out linings are a must. Otherwise, lightweight curtains to match the colour palette of the room are recommended. Warmth and Sound Heavy, thick curtains can be a welcome way to insulate your rooms in winter. They can be used to cover windows, doors or an entire wall of a room to stop the cold from creeping in. As well as excluding drafts, heavy duty curtains can also block out sound. Extremely thick curtains can make a room completely soundproof which is perfect if you live on a noisy, busy street. Pic: Regina Silk curtain panels by Atelier Textiles www.ateliertextiles.com   Room Dividers Curtains can be an inexpensive way to divide a room. It’s also much more practical than building a wall or structure and if for some reason you change your mind, all you need to do is draw back the curtain. This can give rooms versatility and is perfect for people who work from home requiring privacy in an open part of the house. A curtain can also be hung in front of a doorframe instead of a door to give the entrance to a room a dramatic and mystical feel. Shower Curtain Everyone has probably come across a shower curtain at some stage in their lives. Shower curtains work by keeping all the water in the shower and preventing water from spraying out. A shower curtain should be waterproof material or can be aany curtain lined with a clear waterproof curtain on the inside. Pic: Lulu sheer panel by Atelier Textiles www.ateliertextiles.com   Privacy Privacy is also a common use for curtains; after all, they can screen your rooms from view. So if you live in an urban environment and don’t want people peeking in on your day-to-day activities, decorative sheer panels which allow and diffuse the light can be a great solution. Pic: Josephine sheer panels from Atelier Textiles www.ateliertextiles.com