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Creating a Luxe Living Room

Creating a luxe living room is more than choosing stylish furnishings and adding a splash of colour to the walls. To create a room that flows and that becomes a focal point of your home, you have to decide on the style you want, the use of the room and how you can tie all of your design accents together.

Our helpful guide will provide some tips on how to create that luxe look in your home today. Keep reading to learn how simple design cues can create an astonishing living room that both you and your guests will love.

Create Drama with Paneled Walls

Adding paneling to walls can create a vintage drawing room look, either to brighten a room or create a dark contrast. By painting the panels in a pale tone, it will add the appearance of more space.

Brighten up an armchair

The classic armchair has a lot to offer your luxe look living room. Add a bold coloured upholstered arm chair to create a stunning effect and give yourself a wider colour palette to work with.

Choose calm neutrals

Calm neutrals can make your room feel light and airy and give it a modern look that is both stylish and elegant.

Bring in unusual patterns

Don’t shy away from patterns that include strong colours. These can turn a boring room into something extraordinary. Certain patterns including geometric and symmetrical looks can keep a room from looking cluttered and add interest.

Jewel tones add opulence

Ruby reds, purples and golds can create a warm and cozy space without losing that luxe look. Add these colours to cushions, drapes or other upholstery and be sure to include other metallic design accents such as silver and bronze to complete your scheme.

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