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Our Design

Each piece designed and made by Atelier Textiles is the culmination of many hours work and generations of expertise.

Our mission is to make beautiful interiors even more beautiful. Taking inspiration from legendary works of opulent design, such as the jewel encrusted gowns of the Tudor reign, or the delicate time-softened elegance of vintage Chantilly lace, we extract the most exquisite elements and rework them to complement the interiors of today.

Starting life as a Classical antique or unusual motif that sparks the interest of our team, a sketch is then reworked and developed into a balanced and beautiful soft furnishing design. Next, we select colours and textures to enhance the specific and intrinsic beauty of the piece, choosing from our kaleidoscopic palette of unique colours and soft natural fabrics.

Our skilled machinists then bring the design to life, layering appliqué fabrics with fine embroidery, and tailoring each piece to perfection. Specially embellished designs such as the Bamboo sheer can take our production team up to 90 hours to create. Thousands of tiny beads and sequins - weighing almost a kilo in total - are bound to the sheer groundcloth, using intricate threading techniques passed down through generations of embroiderers. No two pieces are the same, as the unique handwriting of each artisanal craftsman is infused subtly into the hand-finished threadwork.

Our meticulous quality control department then examine the finished item, to ensure it meets the standards required to be included in the world's most stylish hotels and private residences. Once approved, the cushion cover, curtain panel, bedspread or throw is ready to be carefully packed and shipped, to complete interior schemes around the globe.