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How to Decorate a Room from The Great Gatsby


In the film The Great Gatsby, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio as the main character, Gatsby’s property gives us an image of an extravagant individual who seemed to live in a fantasy life – a lavish, winding staircase, decorative wood-veneered floor and crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Many of us who captivated by the film’s visuals have considered recreating this look in our own homes but may have thought it would be too expensive or impossible to get just right. If this sounds like you, keep reading as we are going to share some budget-friendly ways to replicate Gatsby’s mansion in your own home.

Ways to Decorate a Room from The Great Gatsby

Metallic color palette: The roaring 20’s came with its own color palette. If you wish to replicate the decor, shiny textures and metallic shades are a must. The living room in the film has two dominant colors, white and silver.  Both the rug and couch seem to trick the eye with their metallic shade.

Lighting: The Great Gatsby is made with a wide range of dramatic lighting techniques to enhance the visuals and specific story elements. We often see a dramatic contrast of light and darkness. Adding a beautiful chandelier is a good way to re-create the same effect. A decadent chandelier should become the focal point of your interior.

Relevant windows styles: The film shows window designs which make the room feel contemporary and more elegant. Ensure that the window styles create an allusion to the past, specifically the 1920’s.

Metal cocktail table: The film shows us a heavy, metal cocktail table. Look for a lightweight metal table with an illusion of a solid table.

Retro paintings: Paintings in Great Gatsby capture attention and the ones you choose should be one of the dominant focal points of your interior. It can be tricky to choose the right paintings, but with enough research, you should be able to do that. Tamara de Lempicka is wonderful artists from this era.

Art Deco design: Proper arrangement is essential to re-create the room decoration in the film. The Art Deco design should emphasize a luxurious style, by combining smooth lines, geometric woods and exotic wood materials for the furniture. An Art Deco lounge set with luxurious cream suede should consist of walnut arm chairs and an oversized sofa bringing a feeling of indulgence.

     By implementing the above design ideas, you can create an image of unrestrained elegance and wealth. If you try, you can achieve it without spending a fortune.

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