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Declutter for a Fresh, New Interior


Decluttering Your Home For A New, Fresh Interior Getting rid of excess junk and decluttering your home is the first step in paving the way to creating a new, fresh interior. But decluttering can be difficult as certain objects have sentimental value and it’s hard to know what to let go of and what to keep. But to keep your mind clear and your home modern it’s important to have neat surfaces and organised spaces. What better way to start the new year than by re-organising and decluttering your home? In this article we give you a few tips on how to declutter your home to make room for new, clean spaces. Try Oprah’s Hanger Method to Clean out your Closet (and other spaces) Oprah didn’t come up with this method but she gave it some major popularity when she spoke about it on her show. It works by initially having all your hangers facing the same way and once you’ve worn an item, you turn the hanger the opposite way. After 6 months, or whatever time frame you’d like to give yourself, you’ll easily be able to tell what clothes you can comfortably ditch. This method can also easily to be applied to linen or toys. While a large time frame is needed, it can easily conclude which items you don’t use any more. Use the Four Box Method When decluttering any room in your home, make sure you have four boxes to place items into. The first box is trash, namely any items that are no longer useful to you or anyone else. The second box is the ‘give away’ box where you can place items that are no longer useful to you but would be useful to someone else. The third box is the ‘keep’ box, where you place items that you want to keep in that particular area and the last box is the ‘re-locate’ box and it is for items you still want to keep but want to move to a different room. Once your home is decluttered and you have more clear surfaces and less junk lying around, you can begin planning how you’d like to use your new space. With less clutter, you’ll be able to see which walls need a fresh coat of paint and if any rooms need any rearranging. Decluttering is definitely the best first step you can take in breathing new life into your home.