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Floral Designs in the Home


Floral Designs in the Home From pretty and romantic to classic or contemporary, the latest interior design trend for 2018 is floral designs. Floral patterns come in a wide range of choices and can inspire you to create a new look in every room of your home based on even the smallest floral-patterned accent piece. With springtime upon us and the flowers outside beginning to bloom, lets bring that freshness and natural vibe indoors with some of these hot floral designs for 2018: Classic and Traditional Classic and traditional floral patterns can include everything from a beautifully designed, hand painted Oriental tapestry which might incorporate peonies, butterflies or even birds, to more elegant larger-scale trailing designs which can create an old country-house feel with its romantic appeal. When using classic or traditional floral patterns in your home, be sure to balance them with simple furnishings as this will help keep the look from being overpowering. Small-Scale Patterns Small-scale floral patterns can include detailed motifs that are soft and delicate, to bold 50’s looks which feature upbeat colours and a nostalgic charm. Fabrics will feature flowers in bud or sprigged designs which can add a feminine touch to any space. Small-scale patterns have made their way from being a trim piece to blinds and curtains and are now a focal point in many trendy homes. These patterns work well in smaller rooms and can take a cottage-style interior and create a welcoming feeling of warmth and comfort without being too bold. Faded Florals Faded floral prints featuring large flowers in full bloom strewn across the textile has always been a staple in country home decorating. But this faded, soft and elegant look is becoming more on-trend as they are easily blended in with the rest of the room. This enables designers to subdue larger pieces of furniture making them seem less dominant in a room. Many designers are using large-scale faded florals on wallpaper and curtains to create a more calm, quiet presence. With a distinct identity and a wide range of patterns to choose from, modern floral textile designscan be combined with other designs, particularly checks, stripes or simple geometrics, to create a truly custom look that will turn your home into a showplace and make it ready for spring. If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it on your favorite social media sites.