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Ultra Violet; Colour of the Year 2018


Pantone Announces Ultra Violet As The Colour Of The Year For 2018 Colour experts at Pantone have decided on a vibrant shade of purple, also known as Ultra Violet or officially known as colour 18-3838, as the colour of the year for 2018. The colour has been described as “dramatically proactive and thoughtful purple shade” by Pantone. The shade is said to be inspired by artistic originality, endless possibilities and unconventional counterculture. A number of musical icons have been associated with similar hues. David Bowie, Prince and Jimi Hendrix were all fans of purple and would often wear purple clothing items or accessories. In fact, 2018’s colour of the year is quite similar to a purple colour that Pantone launched to pay tribute to Prince, after his death. There is also a mystical quality that has, for centuries, been linked to the colour Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet is a colour of higher frequency and people with Ultra Violet auras are said to be more in touch with the spiritual realm. The colour is also known to inspire connection and deeper understanding among people and is a good colour to be surrounded with in meditation. Ultra Violet is also associated with forward thinking and innovation.  Many innovative tech and business companies have made use of the colour within their brand identity to show their dedication to improvement and originality. NBCUniversal, Instagram and Twitch all have similar purple shades woven into their brand’s colour scheme. Pantone are recognised as the world’s leading colour experts and the brand does work in predicting colour trends and work with businesses to help them choose colour schemes and colour palettes. Every December since 1999, Pantone chooses a ‘colour of the year’ for the following year. 2017’ colour of the year was a lively shade of green which was called ‘Greenery’, while 2016 was given two colours of the year: a dusty pink called ‘Rose Quartz’ and a light blue called ‘Serenity’. People often don’t realise how big a part the colour of the year plays in a variety of aspects. For example, Rose Quartz (colour of the year 2016) gave rise to the exceptionally popular Rose Gold trend. It is forecasted that we’ll see a lot of the brilliant Ultra Violet purple shade throughout the year and across all spectrums, including fashion, decor and make up trends. Pantone has also released a colour palette trend to accompany Ultra Violet with an array of bright, candy colours. It looks as if 2018 is set to be a colourful year!