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Welcome to Atelier Textiles! We are the world's leading designer of luxury, hand-made designer drapes, decorative cushions, sheer panels and fabulous bedding accessories. Incorporating the full catalogue of English Home designs, Atelier Textiles takes over from the original creator of sumptuous appliquéd furnishings, and breathes new life into their hand-crafted pieces.


We have been honoured to contribute to many spectacular interior projects over the course of the company’s history - from exclusive private members’ lounges and design conscious residences, to yachts, jets and internationally recognised hotels. We are also proud to work with talented set decorators and prop houses supplying soft furnishings to enrich the atmosphere of film, television and theatre sets.


We are constantly searching for new inspiration, scouring the worlds of fashion, design, film and nature for visions that spark ideas. Here we share with you our latest obsessions and fascinations as new ideas develop.


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